Monday, 12 August 2013

Beacon Batch, Charterhouse and Cheddar Gorge

A brilliant 11 mile hike up hill and down dale over the Mendips.  A long trek left us a bit foot sore and weary at the end but another fantastic day for butterflies a total of 18 different species seen in the prolonged sunny spells.  Highlights were spotting several Silver Washed Fritillaries a few Brimstones and seeing at least 30 Peacock butterflies on one Buddleja bush.  The scenery as always outstanding from the heather on Blackdown to the summer grasses and flowers everywhere.  It's amazing when you are looking at the flora and fauna around you don't realise just how far you have walked! The feet tell a different story though!......

Magpie Moth

Velvet Bottom - areas looking very much like African savanna the tall grasses could easily hide a lion!

Velvet Bottom 

Small Copper


Mendip locals!

Silver Washed Fritillary


Black Bee - unsure of the type but plenty on the top of the Gorge

Young Swallow on a conifer - looked a bit strange to see them on a tree

Heather and Gorse - great colours

Brimstone on thistle

Blackdown - with the summer heat and dusty dry paths it could have been Spain!

Peacock and Tortoiseshell - great to see so many this year.

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