Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Uphill Short eared Owls - another local area 14th & 15/2

Two late afternoon visits to the Uphill area hopefully to get a view of the 3 Short eared Owls spending winter in the rough grassy fields.  The first visit resulted in waiting a good couple of hours in the company of some friendly birders and photographers with the showing of 1 Owl at around 15:30. This Owl however spent most of its time hunting over by the field by the houses often out of view. We did however get a nice view of the Owl hunkered down in the grass on our way back to the road.
Our second visit on a cloudier and windier afternoon saw 2 fantastic Owls hunt over the field quite close by. We had a jaw dropping view when one came and perched on a stump nearby. The Owls were still in flight when we left at 16:30. These Owls are beautiful and fantastic birds to watch and indeed can make you feel quite humble!
Other birds seen around the area whilst waiting for the Owls were 2 Peregrines chasing each other and a Buzzard. Robin, Magpie, Wood Pigeon, Stonechat, Herring Gull, Lesser Black Backed Gull & Blue Tit. 

   First visit - SEO in the grass

                On the hunt

    The fields are amazingly close to houses


    Stunning to watch in flight

                   Stunning eyes!

   Amazing feathered legs

                   Perched up next to the golf course

   Back in the field

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  1. Very nice pics - was around yesterday but was too windy for them to come out of grass