Monday, 7 November 2016

Slimbridge 2/11/16 - Pintails, Geese and Cattle Egrets

Once again an early start for Slimbridge and entry through the 'secret gate' at 08:15.  Lovely sunny and bright but as always the wind blowing through the hides!
Still not too many ducks have arrived and no sign of the Bewick's.  However from the Holden Tower we saw Barnacle and White fronted Geese, Little Stint, Black tailed Godwits and good numbers of Wigeon.  In total we saw 59 birds for the day not forgetting the 6 Cattle Egrets in a field in the village of Slimbridge.  All in all a good day, other highlights being Pintail, Redshank, Golden Plover, Lapwings, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier, Shoveler, Little Egret, Cranes, Kingfisher, Goldcrest, Fieldfare.   
Looking forward to a return visit in a few weeks time.

Canada Geese looking down on Barnacle

                Odd one out - Greylag with Canada Geese

   Black tailed Godwit flock

                   Distant Peregrine watching the Barnacle Geese

   Blue Tit 

                   Great Tit





   Taking a bath


   Fluffed up Jackdaw

                   Basking Red Admiral in the heat of the Autumn sun

   Pintail coming out of 'eclipse' no pin yet!


   Water off a ducks back - Pintail


   Female Pintail

                   2 of the 6 Cattle Egrets - surprise of the day

                   Great to see the Egrets with the cows

                 Looking for insects


                  Awesome to see 6 in one field here in the UK

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  1. Great pics, especially the Cattle Egrets!
    Lucky you!