Monday, 27 February 2017

Barn Owl, Grey Partridge & Hares etc near Snettisham, Norfolk 24/2/17

A fairly early start along  the coast road back towards Kings Lyn for our journey back to Somerset. Storm Doris had gone through though it was still a little blustery. Along the road we suddenly glimpsed a Barn Owl. So lucky that there was a pull in, we grabbed our cameras and binoculars and found the owl on a fairly nearby post. I guess it was out hunting now because of storm Doris the day before. Just couldn't believe our luck as we haven't seen a Barn Owl in ages.  We stood and watched the owl for a good 10 minutes before continuing our journey.
We decided to pay a quick visit to RSPB Snettisham. As we travelled the road leading to the reserve we spotted some Hares in a field. There was a convenient gate we could park next to and wow we were so glad we stopped. Not only for at least 6 Hares running around a field full of Snowdrops but our first ever sighting of Grey Partridge and good numbers to. There were also Red Partridge, Pheasants and a Green Woodpecker as well. We spent at least an hour watching the antics of the Hares and birds - what a field, a 'magic field'.
We reached the reserve and along the way had a great view of some more Grey Partridges in a field along the way. We didn't realise the male was so striking. Close to the reserve carpark in the fields were Greylag and Egyptian Geese. No time now to stop and explore the Snettisham reserve as we have to journey home but not before stopping at the 'magic field' one more time! 
In summary... Norfolk is an amazing place - we will definitely return.

    Stunning Barn Owl


    On the look out


    So beautiful in flight



                    So 'ghost' like in flight

                    So privileged to see this beautiful owl

   Grey Partridge - another lifer


                    Crash landing! 

   Handsome fellow

                    Brown Hare 


   The Hare looks massive as it runs across the field


                   Hare and Snowdrops 


    The dreamer!


                   Wash time



   Egyptian Goose


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  1. Excellent stuff Penny & Anne such a great place so much to see, me and Lauren went up 2 years ago, had a great time. Didn't you go to Bempton ? shame about wind but you've some great shots and a few lifers.
    Need Shorelark, Grey Partridge better views of Bramling too!
    Barn Owls excellent Top job !