Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mendips Redstart, Bluebells and Butterflies 4/5/14

A mid morning walk around Charterhouse, Velvet Bottom, and Long Wood on a sunny blue sky day with high hopes of what we may see.
We had just left Charterhouse and spotted a lovely male Redstart singing away at the top of a tree.  Pleased to see that they are back on the Mendips.  The landscape of Velvet Bottom as always looks amazing greening up well now with thick patches of Bluebells in places and a few Early Purple Orchids here and there.  Early Purple Orchids are still plentyfull along the whole route and can be seen growing strongly in groups or occasionally a random one on its own.  Ravens and Buzzards can be seen and heard overhead and also Whitethroat and other smaller birds flitting to and from the scrub and Hawthorn. It is amazing how thick the flowers of the Hawthorn are this year. The Bluebells of Long Wood are stunning and the their scent intoxicating! A real carpet of blue that seems to go on forever - nature is so good for the soul! 
If you look carefully then you will also find the flowers of Yellow Archangel, Ramsons, Campion, a few Cowslips and Wood Anemones.
Orange Tips and Green Veined Whites were seen in many sunny open glades as well as the occasional Peacock.  
On our drive back home we stopped off at Crook Peak to look for butterflies.  In our half hour here we were able to see severel Grizzled Skippers and Brown Argus as well as more Whites and a couple of Brimstone.  This area is as well now coming alive with wild flowers the Rock Rose just coming out as well as carpets of Scarlet Pimpernel, Vetch etc.  Can't wait to return and look for more butterflies.

Redstart - singing from the very top of a tall tree! 

Early Purple Orchids - these were a good strong tall bunch with thick spotted leaves

Velvet Bottom - a great landscape to walk through.  

Orange Tip - quite a stronghold near Long Wood in the sunny glade.

Long Wood bluebells - a great year for bluebells everywhere.

Long Wood - ahhh - therapy!

Orchid amongst the blue 

Grizzled Skipper - a small butterfly with great markings

Grizzled Skipper - typical pose

Rock Rose - found all over the Crook Peak area.

Brown Argus - a great little gem

Brown Argus

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