Saturday, 3 May 2014

Uphill - local patch 21/4/14 Glossy Ibis to Orchids

A bright but cool start to our walk took us along the beach at Weston Super Mare towards the village of Uphill.  The tide was well out and we could only see a few Shelduck in the distance as well as Lesser Black Backed Gulls.
Our route took us around the golf course towards the boatyard. The scrub around the golf course we saw Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs as well as Goldfinches and Linnets.  Skylarks could be heard everywhere as well as the call of Reed Buntings. Our route then took us through the reserve and on to the sewage treatment works and the sluice gate. The Hedgerow along the route really greening up now.  Sedge Warblers were singing, Whitethroats, a few Swallows in the air but most surprising of all was a Glossy Ibis on one of the lagoons - wow!  On towards the sluice gate we saw a Wheatear, Kestrel, Canada Geese, and more Shelduck.  Along the return circuit along the bank 3 Whinchats one male and 2 female were seen flitting at the reed edge.
The hill is covered in Cowslips and Green Winged Orchids a stunning scene!  With the sun now warming up butterflies were busy finding nectar from bluebells etc. Peacock, Green Veined White and the lovely delicate Holly Blue.
All in all an awesome day at our local patch! 

Reed Bunting - plenty of these birds to be seen

Whitethroat - a great scratchy song.  Great to see these return to Uphill.

Chiffchaff - no mistaking this bird.  A powerfull song for a small bird.  Heard and seen all over Uphill.

Skylark - The Uphill area seems a stronghold for these beautiful songsters all year round.  Always makes usthink of summer when we hear them. 


Glossy Ibis - what a great surprise to see this on the lagoon.  We watched it for some time feeding and resting. 

Whinchat - female, another surprise of the day!

Green Winged Orchid - found in all areas of the hill along with Cowslips.  Both plants growing short and small but strong!!!

Green Winged Orchid

Looking towards Uphill church - Cowslips and Orchids

Holly Blue - such a delicate butterfly and a great contrast when it landed on a bluebell.  We have not seen one for a few years so it was great to see one on our local patch.

Uphill - looking back along our walking area.

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