Monday, 3 November 2014

Fungi Galore another Mendip Trek 1/11/14

We decided to return to Dolebury Warren for a great Autumnal walk which also took in the Rowberrow area and part of Blackdown a total of 8 miles. We trekked through woodland, field and downland all these various environments yielding some great fungi.  Highlights of the day were finding the stunning purple Amethyst Deciever and finding a Cep which was massive, did not realise that a type of fungus could grow so big. Must have found over 30 different fungi types on our walk each one perfect in its own way! Still a good number of Fly Agarics to be found in different areas as well.
So good to have the sun with us on our trek, the light on the trees and fallen leaves producing an array of amazing Autumn colours. Great time of year!

Parasol in the woods

                        Porcelain fungus (Oudemansiella mucida) on fallen Beechwood 

Porcelain fungus

                 Beechwood in Autumn - a copper carpet

     Unknown fungi - Dolebury Warren

                Great set of gills - Dolebury Warren

More gills - another fungi type on Dolebury Warren

                   Looked like a chocolate fungi - Dolebury Warren 

     Creme Brûlée? 

   ID unknown 

                   Small pink fungi - Dolebury Warren 

  Yet another unknown - great colour

                   Common Puffball gathering 

Unknown - a great group of colour though

                    Blackening Waxcap?

   Life in the trees 

                  First sighting of a Cep - well chunky!

    A Cep, this one was massive. The biggest fungi we have ever seen! 

                   Found in with the conifers a great colour but ID unknown 

    Yellow Stagshorn - a good sized group found in with the conifers 

                   Brittlegill of sorts

   Beautiful Fly Agaric

               Amethyst Deciever coming through the Beech leaves. So pleased to have found these fungi at long          
               last.  What a stunning colour

    Amethyst Deciever 

                Golden Spindles found walking down the track on Blackdown

    Autumn on Blackdown

                 Autumn fruits!

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