Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mendip Fungi Foray- 25/10/14

Our walk started at Burrington Coombe and took us up the steep Link Lane to the bottom level of the heights of Blackdown.  A few more fungi species are appearing now in the woodland edges of Link Lane, must be due to all the recent rain and mild weather!
Blackdown looks amazing with its copper tones of leaves and Bracken but our path was leading us on towards the grassland of Dolebury Warren.
The total walk was only 5 miles across upland and through woods. A walk of great Autumn colours and views and a fantastic amount of different fungi species of all shapes, sizes and colours. 
The surprise of the day was the discovery of a great 'gathering' of Fly Agaric, the sight was pure magic and believe it or not made me a bit emotional because of the beauty, colour and perfection of what we saw.  This has to be one of the best walks for fungi and we will return!

Mycena? With pin mould. One fungus attacking another ( thanks to Steve Balcome for info)

                   Deep in the woods

Tiny unknowns - life everywhere 

                                                 Tiny fungi in the grass on the warren

Parasol - banquet for some!

                   So delicate - a work of art

Looks good enough to eat!!!

                   Tiny 'hats' within the grass

Pettycoat Mottlegill

                Parasol - there were plenty across the warren, a massive size as well quite spectacular 

Young Parasol?
                   Macrolepiota excoriata- a smoother cousin of the Parasol

Meadow Puffball - plenty of these in the grassland

                    Meadow Puffball

Grassland Puffball? 

                     Unknown fungi - almost sculpted growing into the grass

Tiny puffball? In the moss

                  Puffball type this time in the woods

Tiny and delicate in the grass

                  Fallen Parasol - bit of a breeze this morning!


                   Crimson Waxcap - only a few found in the grassland, but what colours!

   Crimson Waxcap and friend

                  Life in the woods

Pushing through the leaves

                    Autumn woodland scene - golden leaves and huge Bracket fungus on a large old Beech

Colour in the moss

                   Deep in the conifers!

Fly Agaric - a young one

                   Autumn scene 


                   Pure magic! Speechless!!

   Where are the fairy folk?

             White Spindles or Pointed Club?

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