Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sand Point - Butterflies, Moths & Orchids 26/5/16

Sand Bay and Point is an an area close to where we live and is a beautiful coastal walk.  We spent a wonderful few hours on the 'Butterfly Path' area of the point and we were not disappointed.
The whole point is covered in wildflowers from Daisies to Trefoil and is a beautiful representation on natures 'Chelsea'.  Plenty of butterflies around including Common Blue and Brown argus.  A couple of moths were also seen the Silver Y and Cream Spot Tiger.
Along with the wild flowers we found the first flowering Bee Orchids one of our goals for our walk.
A stunning coastal walk surrounded by a rich tapestry of wild flowers with the added bonus of a warm and sunny blue sky day.

   Thunder thighs - Oil Beetle

                   Sea Campion

   Daisies, grasses etc just wild!

                   Brown Argus

   Brown Argus - good numbers of these little butterflies

                  Sloe Bug

   Natures Chelsea

                   Common Blue - male

   Bee Orchid


                   Beautiful flower

                   Day flying moth on Thrift

   Silver Y Moth

                   Common Blue - female

   Sunny blue skies


Cream spot Tiger Moth

                  Common Centaury

  Brown Argus

                   Brown Argus

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