Monday, 1 August 2016

Alners Gorse, Dorset - 27/7/16 in search of Hairstreaks

A later start to Alners Gorse in Dorset as a morning of rain was forecast with the promise of a warm sunny afternoon. For once the forecast was correct and as we reached the reserve at early afternoon the cloud broke up and the sun came out and so did a few more butterfly enthusiasts!
Our prime target was to find all three Hairstreaks and despite much searching of bramble flowers, leaves etc we could only find a few Purples.
The reserve itself is currently covered in many colourful wild flowers adding to the magical feel of Alners
and a great magnet to insects etc. In total for the day we saw 15 species of butterflies, a couple of Dragonflies, Common Lizards, met some great 'butterfliers' and even had a chat with Martin Warren of BC all in a stunning location. We just love this place and it is well worth the journey.
A little add on ... Close to home we had a great view of a Hare just to round off the day!

   Southern Hawker

                   Purple Hairstreak- typical pose!

   Purple starting to look a bit worn

                  Common Lizards seeking heat from the dried out wood

   Lizard chilling!

                  Large Skipper

   Purple Hairstreak 


    Silver Washed Fritillary 

                  Plenty of Fritillaries around but not too many settling 


                   Broad bodied Chaser

   Brown Hare at Kingsway, Mark


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