Thursday, 15 December 2016

Brean Down Cove 13/12 - Black Redstart etc

A morning visit to Brean Down Cove brought mixed skies but no rain! We arrived at the cove at around 10am and an empty beach. No dog walkers, no people just the wildlife - heaven!
Walking towards the steep cliffs we quickly spotted the Black Redstart flying between the rocks.  What a fantastic little bird, a female but still striking with that lovely russet tail.  A very flighty bird not staying still for too long at any point especially when being mobbed by the Robins and Stonechats along the way. A Rock Pipit was seen further into the rocks and overhead the soaring and croaking of Ravens and Jackdaws
Leaving the cove behind we walked down the track towards the farm and the estuary. Along the way we saw Redwings, Song Thrush, House Sparrows, Goldcrest, Linnets, Goldfinch, Stonechat. From the wall overlooking the estuary good views of 1000's of Lapwing, good numbers of Shelduck and a few Redshank.  No sign of any Short Eared Owls but the coastal marshland here is often an area to spot them.
Not a bad couple of hours birding just down the road.

   Black Redstart 


   My good side!



   Tail view



   Speak up!


                   Look at me .... I can balance on one leg!


              Walking in the air

   Rock Pipit

                   Ready for take off




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