Sunday, 11 December 2016

Weston Prom - 8/12/16 Eider, Dunlin & Rock Pipit

It's just 2 minutes from where we live to Weston sea front and the word was out via Twitter that there was an Eider on Marine Lake, Weston Super Mare. We just had to go especially as it is one of our favourite duck species and it was in Weston.
Our walk along the prom to the lake is about a mile and a half so we were able to check the beach area and planted hedges for any birds. There was a good sizeable flock of Dunlin with a few Ringed Plover feeding and taking flight as dogs and walkers came too close. Every winter the Dunlin return and I am always transfixed by their superb flying formation skills, I could watch them for ages. 
Quite a few Pied Wagtail on the beach as well as Lesser Black Backed and Black headed Gulls plus a lone Curlew and a handful of Shelduck on the sea.
As we reached the lake there was the beautiful female Eider. We walked along the causeway for a closer look and the Eider seemed very unphased by our presence and so we were able to get great views. Interesting to watch the Gulls follow the Eider as it dived for food, a give away at where it would surface! Had great views of it fishing underwater as well, amazing to see.
Walking back along the edge of Knightstone Island we had a quick view of a Rock Pipit which took flight as people walked by. It always amazes us that people just don't see what we see! Plenty of House Sparrows in the shrubs we are now on the look out for a Black Redstart! 
A brilliant couple of hours birding and a gentle reminder of how good urban birding can be.

First Eider in Weston?


   Stunning duck, beautiful subtle shades and tones



                   Rock Pipit

    Dunlin flight formation


   Feeding at the waves edge


                   Dunlin skies



   Ducking and diving incredible twists and turns




   Off we go! 

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  1. Stunning pics Penny!!
    Wish I'd known about the Eider....I've never seen one! :)