Monday, 20 March 2017

Ham Wall 15/3/16 Glossy Ibis, Bittern, Mating Harriers, Dancing Grebes

An incredibly dull, misty grey day for a visit to the Levels and not good for photography.   Once again an early start and we chose Ham Wall for a walk starting at the Tor view hide where we had a great view of the Glossy Ibis with some Snipe.
On to the Avalon hide where we stayed for some time and we were rewarded with great views of Bittern, mating Marsh Harriers, and a dance from the Great Crested Grebes. We were even able to see some Bearded Reedlings as they fed on the lower margins of the reeds.  Another Glossy Ibis? Flew into the middle of the reeds as well.  
On to Loxtons and as we approached the hide we spotted a Mink running up the path.  Bitterns were continuing to boom and Great Egrets were flying overhead quite frequently. A round the trees at Loxtons was a large group of Goldfinches and on closer inspection there were a good number of Redpoll.  Coming back to the first platform we had yet another view of a Bittern.  Several groups of Sand Martins were also seen from all over the reserve.
A brilliant birding day in incredibly dull and misty weather - just goes to show, its all out there if you look for it what ever the weather wildlife and nature still goes about its business.

   Glossy Ibis and Snipe


                  Bittern climbing to the top of the reeds

                  Suddenly the Bittern took flight

                  They danced! A little distant but wow, they danced




                   Male Marsh Harrier

    Looking good for future Harriers





   Off he goes


   Male and female Harriers - lovers tiff?


                   The second Ibis?

    Tigger impression - Great Egret


   Mink - not a favourite on a nature reserve


                  Redpoll, one of several in with a flock of Goldfinches

                    Bittern from the first platform

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