Monday, 20 March 2017

Uphill - Short Eared Owl - 15/3/17

A beautiful blue sky, warm sunny afternoon so we decided to travel 5 minutes down the road to our local nature reserve at Uphill to try and see the Short Eared Owl.  This would be our 3rd attempt and as we arrived at around 3:30 there was already a small group of fellow watchers and photographers some of who we know from Flickr etc.  
An hour passed in beautiful warm sunshine and friendly chit chat with the other folk. We then caught a glimpse of the Owl sat in the field.  A bit distant but quite clearly the SEO it ruffled its feathers and then took to the air away from us! The Camera was quickly in hand and shots taken of this beautiful, stunning Owl.  It never flew very close to us and all of a sudden out from nowhere came the mist.  In it came thick and fast, 5 minutes later we could not even see in front of us let alone the Owl.  Still as one of our friends Steve Balcombe mentioned, what we did see was better than a no show.






   The mist starts to roll in!!!





   Spot the Owl!

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