Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Herepath, Blackdown Hills Somerset 19th April

One of our favourite walks the 13 mile Herepath that takes in hills, woodland, fields and downland around the Blackdown Hills near Taunton. Bluebells, Stitchwort and other Spring flowers accompanied us along the walk. Early purple Orchids seen here and there and the bird song was almost deafening! 
Yellowhammers were seen in their usual hedgerow area, very pleased to see that they are still present. Plenty of Swallows and House Martins in the blue sky.  A brief glimpse of a lovely male Redstart along a field edge whilst we were looking for Holly Blue butterflies. 10 butterfly species seen today mostly feeding on dandelions.  Very good numbers of Orange Tips the most I have seen in ages. 
We had a lovely but quick view of a Stoat as it chased a Rabbit over some rocks, wow they're fast!
A superb and stunning walk with nature in a fantastic array of different environments. Can't wait to walk it again! 

   The view across the levels at the start of the walk 


   Yellowhammer - even brighter than ever


  Yellowhammers have been resident in this area for many years now

                   Orchids and Bluebells 

                                                      Early Purple Orchid

    Plenty of Primroses in the woodlands

                   Oxlips - a Cowslip/Primrose hybrid

   The magic of a Bluebell Wood

                                  Showing the way

                                                                       Magic Purple!


                  The sight and fragrance of a bluebell wood - heaven


    Orange Tip - female

  Country lanes 

                   Fields of gold -food plant of many insects in Spring


                   Green veined White

   Female Orange Tip on Herb Robert



                   Speckled Wood, the other side

    Speckled Wood

                   Brimstone trying to catch a bit of heat 

   The beautiful Orange Tip


   Holly Blue

                   Wood Sorrel

   Bee-Fly at work


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