Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sand Bay 30/8/14 - Orchids, Fungi, Butterflies, Dragonflies and stunning views

It may be only a 6.5 mile trek but this walk never disappoints for its variety of flora and fauna along the way. Our walk started from Sand Bay then through the lanes and droves to Woodspring Priory.  From the Priory we walked the ridge and fields towards Sand Point and then back along from the Point to the bay. A bright and very breezy day though quite warm out of the wind.
The fields along the way still have many wild flowers in them though way past their best I am sure that in mid summer a host of butterflies would have relished the flowers. The small water channels along the way are covered in the lovely yellow Fringed Water Lily.  We also saw a couple of Moorhens here.  Further on through the lanes there is an abundance of Sloes, Blackberries and Haws bringing a rich colour to the hedgerow. Both Butterflies and Dragonflies seem drawn to these fruits and there was no shortage of Red Admirals, Speckled Wood, and a Comma feeding off natures harvest.  In a field we saw 2 Clouded Yellows and also a couple of Common Blues struggle against the wind.  Still plenty of Common Darters around as well as the big and beautiful Southern Hawker.
We had a good view of a couple of Wheatears amongst the rocky outcrops and a few Swallows and Martins skimming over the grass.   Good numbers of Goldfinches feeding on the seeded thistle heads.  Just 1 Kestrel on view and 3 Lttle Egrets on the inlet. Also seen was a single Cormorant and Oystercatcher.
Great to see the return of the fungi species - Shaggy Ink Cap and the large Parasol.

    Natures harvest


Fringed Waterlily

   Southern Hawker

                Common Darter

Common Darter

                 Shaggy Ink Cap

   Comma on natures harvest

                   Sand Point view

   Shroom with a view! 



                Common Blue - the last of the summer Blues?


Autumn Lady's - tresses - a great find and a stunning little orchid

 Autumn Lady's - tresses 

 A tropical look to Sand Bay! - a lone Yucca ready to flower

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