Sunday, 10 May 2015

Blackdown Hills, Somerset - Orchid Heaven 10/5/15

Barrington Hill Meadows in Somerset, wow what a place!  We arrived to cool grey skies and a strong breeze with a bit of 'mizzle'. That did not put us off heading up the meadows to look for Green Winged Orchids and hopefully a white one. 
4 grassy meadows full of Orchids, the second meadow was just simply breathtaking with Orchids as far as the eye could see of all varying degrees of purple, pink and even one single white one. We had found it at last! A Cuckoo started calling from the trees in the hedgerow but the Orchids were the stars - the sight of 100's of Orchids in one area is just simply breathtaking!
Although the weather was not good we went on to Buckland Wood to check out the site for butterflies. No butterflies but a great site with some lovely wild flowers. We will return to both areas!

  A swathe of Green Winged Orchids

   Pink and purple forms

                                                                              Strong group

    Nearly white! Bending in the strong breeze

                                                                              Beautiful markings

   In the meadow grasses

   Pink form

                    Just stunning!

    Buttercups as well!

                    In the pink!

   Orchids as far as the eye could see

   The white one


Yellow Archangel at Buckland Wood

                                                                            Unknown Primula - Buckland Wood


                                                                              False Oxlip and Cowslip

Bens Copse

                                                                              Early Purple Orchids - Bens Copse

   Very tall Early Purple Orchids in Bens Copse - almost 'mutant'size!

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