Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Green Winged Orchids etc - our local area 26/4/15

Uphill near the town of Weston Super Mare is a fantastic local nature reserve for us. It is full of wildlife throughout the seasons but during Spring the hill side comes alive with beautiful Cowslips and Green Winged Orchids. The day we visited was quite windy so not many butterflies around. There were however singing Whitethroats, Blackcaps etc and plenty of Swallows flying low over the hill.
The highlight however has to be the wildflowers, a carpet of Dandelions, Buttercups, Cowslips and Orchids, just stunning!

  Green Winged Orchid

                   Green Winged Orchid clearly showing the green veins 
   Green Winged Orchid - deep purple form

                    A wild flower spectacle 

Green Winged - pink form

                 Pink Green Winged Orchid - great veins!

   Another Green Veined!

                    Orchid group - a great year this year, plenty all over the hill

   Cowslips - a great early pollen source

                   A great year for Cowslips as well

   Orange Tip 

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