Wednesday, 13 May 2015

In search of The Duke of Burgundy - Rodborough Common 12/5/15

An hours drive to Rodborough Common near Stroud in Gloustershire with the promise of a sunny afternoon. We were off in search of the rare Duke of Burgundy Fritillary and anything else that might be around.  We arrived to cloudy skies and very strong winds!
This area is stunning both for its views and the common itself. At present it is full of Cowslips and Early Purple Orchids which will soon give way to other summer flowers.
As we looked for butterflies in less than favourable conditions we caught sight of our first Small Heath of the year closely followed by a stunning fresh Adonis Blue. The blue on this butterfly really is intense and is one of our favourites.
Passing on to a sunny glade at the top of a steep hill we spotted some folk photographing something. I called down and Duke of Burgundy was the response! Well we were down that hill like a shot and it was steep! We spent the next half hour or so watching and photographing the Duke in the pleasant company of fellow 'Twitter' nature nuts Lee and Vic - great to meet them both!
We wandered across a bit more of the common and also saw Dingy Skipper, Common Blue, Green Hairstreak, Speckled Wood, Brown Argus, Peacock and Green Veined Whites. Not forgetting seeing the awesome massive Roman Snail that are to be found on the common!
A fantastic afternoon out and we shall return for more butterflies later in the season.

Cowslips and Orchids - parts of the Common are covered in them

                    Roman Snail - a big Roman Snail! 

    Small Heath - sheltering from the strong wind

                    Adonis Blue

Adonis Blue

               The one and only Duke of Burgundy 

Mating Dukes

         Duke of Burgundy 

   Just so honoured to have seen this beautiful small butterfly 

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