Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mendips - Butterflies, Bluebells and Orchids - 11/5/15

Another breezy but sunny days walk on the Mendips. Starting at Charterhouse and through the small wood to Ubley Warren. Plenty of Willow Warblers singing and the small wood was full of bird song but no sign of the Spotted Flycatcher.
As we walked across Ubley Warren we scrutinised every gorse bush in hope of finding a Green Hairstreak, in fact no butterflies were seen I guess it was just too windy. Ubley was however covered in Early Purple Orchids in selected areas - a nice surprise!
Onwards to Velvet Bottom and both a Peacock and Orange Tip were seen on some bluebells. The Spring scene through Velvet Bottom is wonderful at the moment. Just before going into Long wood we reached a sunny glade and bank. It was in this area we saw Peacock, Green Veined White, Dingy Skipper, Orange Tip, Common Blue and Green Hairstreak butterflies all in the space of 15 minutes! A magical butterfly glade and at last we got to see a Green Hairstreak!
Into Long Wood and you just can't help being overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the bluebells and Ramsons carpeting the woodland floor. Here and there Campion, Orchids and Yellow Archangel added more colour to the carpet. Truly stunning!
A superb walk with nature at its best!

    Willow Warbler - it's song a true reminder of summer!

                  Unknown caterpillar on wild Forget Me Not

    Early Purple Orchids at Ubley Warren

                    Speckled Yellow moth

   Peacock on Orchid

                                                           Common Blue - first of the year

  Common Blue

                   Dingy Skipper

   Green Hairstreak

                   Blue carpet - Long Wood


                  As long as my path leads through nature my heart and soul are happy!

   Breathtaking and intoxicating both sight and smell

                                                                               Hunting Spider

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